Delta ( our note) "is not an island, remote and isolated" Every piece of land, every water pond and living being ( our note ) "make part of the Continent, of the Whole in its entirety". If the sea, or the people ( our note) "grabs a piece of land, Europe is diminished, as diminished would be any piece of land, my land, or the land of your friends." The loss of any piece of land and of any living being ( our note) "hurt me because I am part of the Mankind. Therefore, you should never ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for You!"

Adapted after a quotation from John Donne

Coordinated actions for preserving the Danube Delta habitat.

Transport to the
Danube Delta area

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Danube's water levels

Fishing zones

Danube Delta's bird flu cases prove to have disastrous economic effects for the area.

Despite the fact that the two settlements, Ceamurlia and Maliuc, have been isolated, birds killed and no virus has been detected since then, the restrictive measures for tourism, hunting and fishing harm seriously the precarious economy of the area.

Rodier Gueneal, an expert of WHO-World Health Organization appreciated that "the present crisis will pass", but measures should be taken because the virus, once located in Danube's Delta,will stay for nearly 5 years". Therefore, a survey area should be expanded outside Ceamurlia and Maliuc, and the fishing and hunting should be banned until the end of the year."

The inhabitants of Ceamurlia and Maliuc received 3,76 billion old lei as compensations for their loss following the domestic birds killings inside the area where the bird flu has been detected. 22150 birds have been killed and incinerated during the campaign, A quarantine has been declared and the population has been vaccinated against the flu.




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