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The Cocos Monastery

The Cocos Monastery has been built in 1833 by the three Romanian monks from Athos. The today's look of the monastery is acheived in 1913. As an ensemble in its architecture surrounded by a pitoresque landscape, it stands as one of the most beautiful monasteries in Dobrogea and in whole Romania.


The Church of Cocos Monastery

The Italian F. Biasse painted the monastery's church.


The Celic-Dere Monastery

The Celic Dere Monastery - populated by nuns - has been built in 1840. Between 1910 - 1914, the big church is build, the only in our country having a church inside a church, similar with the Kremlin's church in Moscow.


The Saon Monastery

The monachal settlement has been built in 1846 and its old church with the name of Christ's Ascension in 1881. The paintings made by the priest Sofian Boghiu are true masterpieces.

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